This is the second book by Liane Moriarty that I’ve read. I loved What Alice Forgot and it’s one of the books I’m constantly recommending; customers generally return to the store and tell me they loved it and want a new suggestion. Well, now I can recommend The Husband’s Secret! It read like a thriller, even though it isn’t. This was a 72 hour read for me, because I literally couldn’t put this book down! (It helped that I read it on my nook, though). I was cooking dinner when I finally got to what the actual secret was, and i read it to the soundtrack of boiling pasta.

The book begins mapping out the lives of 3 women living in Australia. Cecilia Fitzpatrick finds a letter written by her husband in their attic that has the following words written on the envelope: “to my wife, Cecilia Fitzpatrick, to be read upon the event of my death.”A bit ominous, but Cecilia is a good wife and will not betray her husbands trust. You begin a narrative about Tess O’Leary’s life, as well as Rachel Crowley’s, and the only link you can see between the three is St. Angela’s catholic school. Immediately I began assuming that Cecilia’s husband was living multiple lives, but as you notice the detail in the story it becomes evident that just isn’t possible.

As you learn more about the women and the other characters in their lives, perhaps you can piece together his secret. Halfway through the book Cecilia reads the letter because of her husband’s erratic behavior as he tries to find where she put it, and the walls of their worlds come crashing down.

No spoilers from me, but read this book. It’s about lies, how the little pieces of ourselves that we keep from the ones we love actually turn out to be momentous, grief, what suffering you will endure for your family, and the small events that change everything.

The author even lets you in on some of the “what-ifs” in the epilogue. I loved it!


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